General Information

Startup Bootcamp is a student run accelerator at the University of Illinois. Learn more about the program on our about page.
Startup Bootcamp is for aspiring student entrepreneurs at the University of Illinois. Anyone that has an interest in entrepreneurship can apply.
Startup Bootcamp is a student-run program organized by Founders. We also have a number of partners and sponsors from across the University as well as outside of it. To see a more comprehensive list, check out our list of partners on the home page.
By being a part of Startup Bootcamp you can build your ideas into viable startups. In addition to the numerous workshops that we have planned, teams will be paired with mentors that will help them build their products. Teams will also have access to credits for our partners' platforms to build prototypes and demos. Teams will also have the opportunity to pitch to local entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists. In addition to all of this, participants will be able to work and connect with other entrepreneurs across campus.

Program Specific

Our mentor pool is incredibly diverse including professors, entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists. Mentors help teams by checking in every week and advising teams for the duration of the program.
Business development workshops will take place every Tuesday at 7pm. It is highly recommended that everyone attend these workshops. Prototyping workshops and tours are optional and will be at a different time each week.
There is a minimal stipend for teams to purchase materials they may need for their startups. Many of our partners provide free credits to their platforms for startups to use.
Startup Bootcamp fits in with the other entrepreneurial programs at the U of I (54, 1KP, Cozad) to provide resources for entrepreneurs at every stage of development. Teams from 1KP, SocialFuse, and 54 can go through Startup Bootcamp to be better prepared for Cozad.
If you are a student you can join the Startup Bootcamp planning committtee. If you are a graduate or organization you can help Startup Bootcamp by becoming a mentor or sponsor. Contact us for more information.

Application Information

Startup Bootcamp is open to any student-run startup at the University of Illinois.
The only requirement is that your team consist primarily of students at the University of Illinois and that your team is able to devote the time needed to build and launch your startup.
We look for well-rounded teams that have the skills to execute on their vision and build their startups from the ground-up.
All startups must have more than 1 founder. We believe that starting a company, and being a part of Startup Bootcamp, is too much for just one person. If you are an individual without a team, we recommend you apply to be an associate.
No. We're looking for a broad range of startups for our program.
This year our goal is to accept around 10 teams.

Associate Program

Associates are individuals with skills that can benefit many of our teams. They help our teams over the program on projects the team might need help with. Associates are able to attend all workshops and get numerous networking opportunities.
We look for associates with a range of skills that may be beneficial to our startup teams. These include but are not limited to technical, design, and business development skills.

Other Questions

Contact us at pitch@founders.illinois.edu