Startup Bootcamp is an 8 week startup accelerator at the University of Illinois. Our goal is to help student startups build their companies and get ready to pitch to investors.

During the first half of the program teams will work on developing a vision for their products and refining their ideas. Half-way through the program each team will give their first pitch during which they will receive feedback from the mentors. Over the second half of the program there will be several workshops in order to help the teams develop their products. On the final day of the program each team will be able to pitch their product to our panel of judges for follow on funding and more feedback.

 Workshops & Events 

 Events still to be scheduled 

Intro to 3D Printing

Hardware Prototyping

Intro to Web Development

Intro to Patents

Tour of Launchable & Co-Lab

Tour of EnterpriseWorks

 Sponsors & Partners 

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